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Zero waste living: 5 best refill candles

Kick start your zero waste lifestyle with these natural and eco-friendly refill candles...

What is zero-waste living?

Zero-waste living encourages us all to cut down on how much waste we create in our everyday lives. This movement is not just about reducing plastic waste: it calls for people to swap all single-use items for refillable and reusable ones.

If you're relatively new to the zero-waste world, you're likely to already have refillable coffee cups and shopping bags at your disposal. However, the refill trend has spread much further than that, as people realise just how much waste they produce in every corner of their lives - including in the home fragrancing department.

How do refill candles work?

Before now, many people would use a candle or reed diffuser, then simply throw out the container before buying a new one. Or, these empty candle containers pile up in the corner, waiting for you to fulfil your upcycling promises. (Click here for some candle jar upcycling ideas!)

Now, there's a solution: refillable candles! Gone are the days of empty candle containers cluttering up your shelves. With refill candles, you simply buy one candle to start with, then repurchase candle refills each time the candle finishes burning. (Click here for our top tips on cleaning out your candle jars!)

Below, we've rounded up our favourite eco-friendly refill candles available on the market, to help you achieve the zero-waste home of your dreams...

5 best zero-waste refill candles

1. Pott Candles: handmade candle pots and natural refills

candle refills zero waste from pott candles

From the hand-thrown candle 'potts' to the hand-poured candles themselves, Pott Candles creates its products by hand in small batches.

The vegan-friendly refillable candles (candles from £40, refills from £12) are made with sustainable rapeseed & coconut wax along with 100 per cent natural essential oils and fragrance oils.

2. Infinite Scents: glamourous vintage candles with refills

Infinite Scents creates a range of soy wax candles in beautiful vintage and glamourous containers. You'll definitely want to reuse these gorgeous jars - thanks to the refill service, now you can!

The candles and refills (candles from £6, refills from £12.50) only use high-quality soy wax and fragrance oils, to ensure a clean burn. The company offers a range of extra-large candles, with an impressive burn time of 100+ hours!

Rather than buying new candle inserts, with Olive Tree Home you can post your candle container back to them, and the company will clean and refill your candle for you.

Olive Tree Home offers a range of different candle designs (candles from £15, refills from £9), including ones in sparkling cut glass jars. The luxury candles are made using natural soy wax and pure essential oils.

Little Karma Co. creates natural and refillable candles (candles from £22, refills from £15) that are made with a coconut and rapeseed wax blend and fragranced with pure essential oils.

The company is also eco-concious about the packaging it uses: 70 per cent of the recyclable packaging is made from recycled material. Plus, the shredded paper filler material is 100 per cent biodegradable.

refill candles

Scentered Wellbeing Ritual Refill Candles (from £30) are the perfect zero-waste swap for any candle lover. Once the natural wax candle has finished burning, simply clean out the glass container, then refill it with a new Scentered candle insert.

The sustainable refills are delivered in plastic-free and compostable packaging.


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