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6 wooden wick candles that crackle when lit

Regular candles already ooze some seriously cosy autumnal vibes. Add in a wooden wick that crackles when lit, and you'll be set for the snuggly holiday season! We've rounded up our favourite natural candles with crackling wooden wicks...

What are wooden wick candles?

Unlike regular modern candles, which traditionally use a cotton wick, wooden wick candles feature a wider wooden wick, which can be made from a variety of different woods.

Virtually any type of wood - hard or soft - can be used for making wooden wick candles. One particularly popular type is balsa wood.

Why do wooden wicks crackle?

According to Life-N-Reflection: 'Gas molecules are naturally contained inside the walls of cells within the wood. When you raise the temperature of these cell walls, the gas expands and a mini-explosion occurs as the cell walls rupture and the gas escapes. This event causes the crackling, popping sounds we hear from a lit wooden wick.'

Are wooden wicks better than cotton wicks?

While both pure cotton wicks and wooden wicks are good choices, according to @fraendicandles, wooden wicks could be better for the environment.

'Cotton is a very pesticide-intensive crop contributing to polluting rivers and groundwater. It requires large amounts of water, causing degradation of soil fertility, and in some cases the drying up of some of the world’s largest inland water sources.'

Here are some of our favourite candle companies that create crackling wooden wick candles...

We love the natural crackling candles from The Crackling Candle Company (£20). The candles are handmade in small batches in Worcestershire, using natural soy wax, luxurious seasonal fragrances, and a signature crackling wooden wick.

There are loads of scents to choose from, including Earl Grey and Cucumber, Lemon Curd, Sweet Fig and the slightly controversial Parma Violets scent. You'll also find some seasonal favourites, like Pumpkin Spice. Perfect for autumn!

Home County Candle Co. creates a range of candles and reed diffusers (from £20), each inspired by a different UK county. Why not give one as a housewarming gift to someone, to welcome them to a new county - or to remind them of fond memories in the previous home county!

These natural candles are made using pure soy, biodegradable soy wax and a wooden crackle wick. Each one is hand-poured in the UK. For an extra £3, you can get your candle gift wrapped in 100 per cent recyclable packaging, including brown paper and string.

Each crackling candle from Susanna K (£28) is made with a 100 per cent natural coconut soy wax blend, infused with fine fragrance oils and pure essential oils. They are intentionally designed to bring an element of luxury, wellness and style to your home.

There are a wide range of scents to choose from, including Sahara, which smells like white tea, tonic bean & saffron, and Zen, which smells like lavender and ylang ylang.

Each Essence + Alchemy candle (£48) features a unique scent, formulated with a complex blend of essential oils to naturally fragrance the home.

The candles are hand-poured into British made hand-blown glass with a sustainable and locally sourced natural rapeseed wax blend, pure essential oils, and wood-wicks that are handmade in the Essence + Alchemy lab using FSC certified wood.

This eco-friendly company also offers candle refills, so you can reuse your glass container again and again.

Established in 2019, 6th Scent London specialises in creating rich, long-lasting luxury scented candles (£29.99 each). The luxury candles are made using clean-burning soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. Each candle is finished off with a gorgeous wooden wick that crackles when lit.

We love the range of scents on offer - and the different candle containers! From the Rose Wonderland scent, which is housed in a multi-tonal pink container, to the French Pear & Soft Musk scent, which comes in a metallic silver jar. There's something for everyone!

Brit Botanics creates a range of natural candles (£20), all made using sustainably-sourced beeswax. There are lots of scents and designed available - we love the swirly effect on the container featured in the image above!

If you're on the lookout for autumnal or halloween candles to deck out your home this fall, Brit Botanics has you covered, with a range of cosy scents, including 'Pumpkin Spice Latte', 'Sweater Weather', 'Witches Brew', and 'Hocus Pocus'. Plus, you can reuse your candle container again and again, thanks to the eco-friendly candle refills!


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