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Vintage Vibes: 5 Art Deco Candle Holders UK

Drama. Sophistication. Class. Art Deco style remains wildly popular today, thanks to its timeless silhouettes, edgy designs and bold geometric patterns. If you're looking to add a touch of luxury decor to your home, check out these gorgeous Art Deco candle holders - both genuine, and remake...

What is Art Deco style?

Art Deco was the predominant decorative style between the 1920s and 1930s. It is notably defined by bold geometric prints and shapes, along with bright colours.

The style can be seen most prominently in architecture and home decor, but it also made its way into fashion - most notably, in jewellery.

Within the home, Art Deco provided a classy touch to rooms. Whether it was a bright geometric print hanging on the wall, or a pair of striking Art Deco candle holders.

Modern society has recently seen a resurgence in the style, with genuine Art Deco artifacts and modern remakes popping up across several industries.

If, like us, you're a love of all things candles, read on to discover some of the best places to buy genuine Art Deco candle holders, alongside modern remakes, inspired by the style...

5 Art Deco candle holders

Add a luxurious touch of class to your home with these Art Deco candle holders...

The Old Cinema London stocks a huge variety of genuine vintage and retro artifacts, including a range of Art Deco candle holders from the 1920s-30s. This site is an antique lover's dream, with home decor offerings from a range of historical periods.

The Old Cinema is a department store in London, selling antique and vintage home decor and furniture. The building used to be a cinema, until it fell silent during WW2. Following this, the building was transformed into what it is today, by a couple of local antique dealers.

We love these glass candle holders from Honey Dew Homewear (from £16). Each one is hand-blown using coloured borosilicate glass. You can customise your Art Deco-inspired candle holder by choosing from a variety of different shapes and colours.

These handmade pieces are sure to make a statement in any home. We also think they would make a perfect gift for a loved one who adores retro styles with a modern twist.

These beautiful geometric candlestick holders from Juliet Poppyseed (£15.99) are sure to make a statement in any room. The handcrafted and unique pieces are made using heavy and sturdy concrete, making them durable and suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

We love the soft pastel tones, that follow the popular neutral Nordic Décor trend. Another stunning example of retro style meets modern design!

One of the most popular Art Deco trends in modern society appears to be the silhouette outline design: whether it's wire earrings with a facial profile outline, or a glass vase outlined with bold black wire - or in this case, a tealight complete with a statement silhouette.

The Keeto Glass Tealight from Nkuku (from £18.50) is part of a home decor wire collection. Each piece is created by hand, joined, and sculptured from wire using traditional tools. The techniques incorporate traditional basketry methods but replace wicker with wire to build long-lasting pieces for the home.

Glamourise your home or garden with this stunning Art Deco-inspired leaf lantern from Homebase. At the bargain price of £10 (currently on clearance for £4!), this peice will allow you to add a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

We absolutely love the effect created when a lit tealight is added to this Art Deco candle holder. If you're not a fan of the leaf design, there is also a geometric style lantern available, which features bold golden triangles.


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