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Surprise! 5 best UK hidden ring candles 2021

Thanks to TikTok, there's a huge trend in the candle world right now: candles which, when melted, reveal beautiful rings, crystals or other items of jewellery. We've scoured the web to find the best hidden ring candles available in the UK...

How do hidden ring candles work?

With hidden ring candles, the idea is that there is a ring hidden somewhere within the candle's wax. The ring will usually be wrapped or encased, to protect it from the melting wax and the heat of the flame.

When you light your candle, and the wax begins to liquefy, the ring will gradually be revealed. Patience is key: you have to wait for all of the surrounding wax to melt before you can free the ring! This might take a few hours, or a few burning sessions, depending on how deep the ring is.

Once the wax has sufficiently liquified, carefully use a pair of tweezers to fish your hidden ring out from the wax pool. Don't use your fingers: the liquified wax will be hot! Then, you can unpackage your ring, and reveal the design!

How much is the ring worth in my candle?

Most companies that sell hidden ring candles will have a tool on their website where you can find out the value of your ring. This is particularly handy for the hidden ring candles where the rings can be worth anything from £15 to £5000!

5 best hidden ring candles

Below, we've rounded up our favourite hidden ring candles, which are available to buy in the UK. As usual, we've only included candles that are made using natural, paraffin-free and clean-burning wax...

1. Royal Essence: luxury candle scents with hidden gems

hidden ring candles UK

The hidden ring candle brand that started it all! Royal Essence creates a range of soy wax candles with jewellery hidden inside (from £34.97). We love the candle scents on offer, including: Peach Bellini, Pink Apple Punch and Freshly Cut Roses. The rings are valued between £50 and £3000.

Out of all the hidden ring candle brands out there, this one has the largest selection available. If you're after a ring with a particular stone, this company also has certain candles that are guaranteed to include a specific stone. For example, the Snow Fairy candle comes with a glistening pink opal ring.

2. Jackpot Candles: soy wax candles with rings worth up to $5,000!

hidden ring candles UK

These candles from Jackpot Candles (£69.53) feature a beautiful ring, valued between $15 and $5000! We love that each candle is made using natural soy wax and a wooden wick that crackles when burnt.

Admittedly, at nearly £70 per candle, buying this ring is a bit of a gamble. While you could end up with a jackpot ring, worth $5000, you're probably more likely to receive a ring that's on the cheaper side. However, based on this product's reviews, most people seem to love the ring designs - even if they are not worth five grand.

3. Imperial Candles: soy candles with beautiful rings

hidden ring candles UK

Imperial Candles creates a range of different soy wax candles, including candles with hidden rings inside (from £29.99). Each candle is hand-poured using high-quality soy wax, and finished off with two cotton wicks. Plus they come in an extra tall size for a long burn time.

We love the wide range of scents and ring designs on offer. If you want a particlar stone in your ring, certain candles (like the Magic Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Blue Sapphire candles) feature rings with guaranteed stones and designs. There's also a 'Best Friend' Ring Candle, that would make a super cute gift for your bestie!

4. Steller Star Scents: Budget-friendly candles with handmade jewellery

hidden ring candles UK

These cute sun and moon ring candles from Stellar Star Scents (£12.50) include a beautiful handmade ring. Each ring also features a genuine crystal. If you prefer bracelets, you can alternatively opt to have an adorable sun and moon bracelet hidden within your candle.

The candle itself is made using clean-burning soy wax, and you can even customise your candle with your chosen scent and wax colour. At £12.50, this ring candle is a more budget-friendly option, compared to the others on the list. With Christmas around the corner, it would make a great secret Santa present or stocking filler!

5. Skinny Wrists: luxury candles with hidden 'treasure'

jewellery candles

The Skinny Wrists Treasure Candle (£48) features either a pair of hidden earrings or a hidden ring. If you're specifically after a hidden ring candle, this one might not be the best option. However, we think it adds to the excitement!

Each candle is hand-poured using soy wax. Skinny Wrists creates a huge range of beautiful jewellery, so your candle is guaranteed to contain something beautiful. Why not browse through Skinny Wrists's jewellery selection to get an idea of the hidden treasures buried within these candles?


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