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Jasmine in home fragrancing | 5 best relaxing jasmine candles

When we think of relaxing scents, jasmine often comes to mind, along with lavender, chamomile, and bergamot. Read on to discover the history behind this alluring scent, along with the best jasmine candles available on the market...

What does jasmine smell like?

Jasmine is a predominantly sweet floral scent. However, it also has deeper notes of musk and wood. There are also different varieties of jasmine, such as green jasmine or sweet jasmine, which offer slightly different scent profiles.

According to the perfume experts at Clive Christan: 'Green jasmine gives freshness like a spring day to a perfumer, the scent of the green vine unfurling in the sun and the first buds blossoming. Sweet jasmine is voluptuous in nature, adding fullness to a fragrance and imparting a heady aroma which is perfect for floral or gourmand perfumes.'

jasmine essential oils candles
There are different varieties of jasmine, such as green jasmine or sweet jasmine, which offer slightly different scent profiles.

The history of jasmine in perfumery

Jasmine has been used for thousands of years in perfumes. It's often referred to as a 'foundation stone' in fragrancing, along with rose.

According to the natural health experts at Holland and Barrett, jasmine's calming qualities have been known for a long time: way back to when the Ancient Egyptians used it for headaches and to help improve sleep quality.

They also explain that the jasmine flower features in stories of ancient China, Persia and Egypt. It was revered by royalty in China and traded along the Silk Road. It also formed an important part of perfumery back in the time of Cleopatra and Louis XVI.7

According to Urban Apothecary London, the scent has a rich history in the 1920s too, when women would dab jasmine and rose perfumes on their necks before heading to jazz concerts. The 20s also saw the creation of Coco Chanel's now widely famous perfume scent, Chanel No. 5, which was heavily fragranced with rich jasmine along with rose and vanilla.

jasmine flowers essential oil
Jasmine is often referred to as a 'foundation stone' in perfumery.

How is jasmine extracted for candles and perfumes?

As well as being a widely popular scent among home fragrance and perfume lovers alike, jasmine is also one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery, due to the extraction process.

Apparently, it takes 3.6 million flowers to produce just one pound of jasmine absolute oil, explaining why it is one of the most expensive oils in the world. While many fragrance companies use synthetic jasmine oil, which is cheaper and quicker to make, the 'real deal' is still prized as an essential ingredient in many perfumes and home fragrance products.

According to The Perfume Society, this wasn't always the method of extraction: 'Once upon a time, jasmine’s scent was extracted through a process called enfleurage: the flowers were pressed into layers of fat, and gradually the scent migrated to the fat, from which it could be extracted.' In comparison, this makes today's methods look like a piece of cake!

What are the aromatherapy benefits of jasmine?

Jasmine is often believed to lift the mood and promote a calm, peaceful mind. For this reason, it's often associated with easing anxiety or depression, and improving sleep quality.

According to Holland & Barrett, jasmine is also an aphrodisiac, meaning it can heighten sexual desire. For this reason, jasmine is often nicknamed as 'the perfume of love' or the 'queen of the night'.

5 of the best jasmine candles to try

jasmine candles

This luxury candle is blended with the natural fragrances of bergamot, green tea and jasmine to deliver a vivid aroma that will instantly boost your mood. This wonderfully crisp fragrance is sure to create a truly uplifting environment.

relaxing jasmine candles

This candle is delicately scented with crisp white jasmine, to create a calm and serene atomsphere. Each candle is handpoured in Cornwall in cute tins - we think these candles make the perfect gift!

If you prefer using candle holders, this scent is also available to buy as tealights.

jasmine scented candle

Each stunnning jasmine candle from Shaku is presented in a beautiful hand-illustrated bone china vessel. This is not just a candle - its a home decor statement piece!

The jasmine scent is balanced with notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom to create a gentle and sweet fragrance. This scent is then blended with a rapeseed and coconut wax blend, before being hand-poured into the fine bone china containers. The design is intricately finished by skilled ceramicists in Staffordshire. A lot of work goes into each stunning jasmine scented candle!

jasmine candles

These minimalist candles from Valentte are made with natural soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. The formula is free from paraffin and synthetic fragrances to ensure a clean and even burn.

The jasmine and rosewood scent creates a light, floral aroma, with a deep musky base. If you're giving this candle to someone as a gift, you can upgrade to one of Valentte's gift box options, which allow you to mix and match different candles and reed diffusers.

jasmine scented candle

The Jasmine Neroli candle from Union of London features notes of white jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, citrus peel, tuberose and nutmeg. These all combine to create a heady, exotic, spicy and sweet scent.

Each candle is hand poured using soy wax and essential oils for a clean burn. We love the wide cotton wick, which creates a broad flame to generate a large scent throw and an even pool of wax.


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