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Pamper time: 5 of the best massage candles

In need of some me-time? Candles are the perfect tool to create a relaxing environment and help you wind down. But what if your candles could go one step further in your pampering session? Enter massage candles!

How do massage candles work?

These pampering candles use nourishing oils and butters as a candle base. When lit, this base melts and becomes the perfect moisturising body oil. Simply light the wick, wait for the oils to melt, then extinguish the candle and allow the oils to cool slightly. Next, pour the warm, liquified base into your hand and massage it into your skin. Massage candles usually feature an easy pour spout to ensure simple, spill-free application. Why not step up your pamper session by asking your partner for a massage?

Another way to use your massage candle is to pour the melted oils straight into your bath for a nourishing and relaxing soak. Be sure to clean the bath thoroughly afterwards to avoid any slippages!

We've rounded up 5 of the best massage candles available on the market. Get ready for some serious relaxation!

massage candle from rock rose beauty

These limited edition massage candles from Rock Rose Beauty (£45) are the ultimate way to unwind. Each handcrafted candle uses the purest natural ingredients which are free from parabens and water. The beneficial ingredients include:

  • Rock Rose - a multi-functional ancient healing herb that has the powerful ability to repair and renew skin, leaving it with a healthy glow.

  • Chamomile - has the capability to penetrate deep into the dermis, fighting signs of ageing.

  • Lavender - this versatile essential oil promotes relaxation for the body and mind.

  • Organic Shea Butter - considered a nourishing superfood for the skin. With a low melting point, it makes the perfect base for this candle.

Check out Rock Rose Beauty on Instagram at @rockrosebeauty.

massage candles from douvalls

We love the skincare candles from Douvalls (£32)! Each one is hand poured and expertly blended with nourishing oils, including cocoa butter and cold pressed argan oil.

Once melted, the candle turns into an intensely hydrating skin treatment for the whole body. The oils are high in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making this the perfect treatment for nourishing and repairing dry skin. The relaxing aromatherapy scents include Festive Orange & Frankincense, Orangery Orchid, or Forbidden Spices.

Check out Douvalls on Instagram at @douvalls.

massage CBD candle from Nay CBD

Nay CBD creates a range of luxury skincare infused with CBD. We love the Moonlight Massage Candle (£39) which acts as both a candle and a conditioning body oil. Simply light the candle then extinguish it once a pool of wax has melted. Then massage the melted oil into your skin – or pour it into a bath!

The candle is infused with coconut oil and CBD oil, along with sandalwood, lavender and jasmine essential oils. Plus, the hypoallergenic candle is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Luxury skincare at its most relaxing!

Check out Nay CBD on Instagram at @naycbd.

skin treatment candle from neom organics

We love this new-and-improved intensive skin treatment candle from NEOM Organics (£40). The original massage candle from NEOM featured moisturising cocoa seed butter, soybean oil rapeseed oil and sweet almond oil. Now, the candle is even more intensely nourishing, thanks to added baobab and jojoba oil! Baobab contains vitamin C, A, D, E and F and essential fatty acids, and jojoba oil is incredibly soothing for dry skin.

The candle is scented with 100 per cent natural fragrances, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, along with 21 other essential oils. This candle has been specially formulated to soothe both the skin and the mind.

Check out NEOM Organics on Instagram at @neomorganics.

skin massage pamper candle from rituals

Relax and unwind before bed with The Ritual of Jing Massage Candle (£23.50). This luxurious candle contains essential nourishing and moisturising oils, including coconut and shea butter, that help soothe the skin. This candle is also designed to enhance the quality of sleep.

The candle features a relaxing fragrance blend of lavender and sandalwood. Rituals recommend lighting the candle for 15-20 minutes and enjoying the scent benefits, before extinguishing the candle and using the melted oil to nourish the skin.

Check out Rituals on Instagram at @ritualscosmetics.

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