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Novelty gift ideas: 5 funny candles with strange scents

Looking for a novelty gift for your best friend, work colleague or partner? Whatever the occasion, gag gifts are always sure to bring a smile to someone's face. We've rounded up our favourite funny candles with wonderfully weird scents, which make the perfect novelty gift (or stocking filler!)...

1. Perfect novelty gift for beer lovers

The life-like Beer Candles from Luckies of London (£16.95) feature a gel wax body and a soy wax 'head'. With a 60-hour burn time, these are sure to be a statment piece in any man cave.

Not only do they look the part, but each candle also features a wonderfully malty, hoppy aroma, which will have any beer-lover's mouth watering. Plus, there are three beer-inspired scent options to choose from: Lager, Ale or Stout. Choose your tipple, and enjoy - cheers!

2. Light up a rude hand gesture with this funny candle

This naughty middle finger candle from Decor Candle UK (from £9.95) is the perfect novelty gift for any friend with a great sense of humour.

Each unscented candle is made using eco-friendly and biodegradable soy wax for a clean burn. This would be great as a decorative piece. However, if you want to burn it, make sure you place it on a non-flammable tray to collect any dripping wax.

3. Funny candles for fizzy drink lovers

These hand poured Soda-Can Candles from EcoFlip (from £3.99) both look and smell the part! Each candle is made using eco-friendly soy wax, which is hand poured into a locally-sourced upcycled soda-can.

There's a range of different soda cans and scents available, including Coke, Dr Pepper, Schweppes, and Fanta. Enjoy over 25 hours of fizzy, tasty, non-toxic burn time!

4. Novelty gifting for Mrs Hinch fans

How cute are these Mrs Hinch-inspired wax melts from All Things That Make (£4)? Each wax melt is handmade using high-quality, vegan-friendly soy wax.

Choose from a range of different colours, and an even wider range of scents, which are inspired by different cleaning products. This includes Febreeze, Dettol and Lenor Laundry!

5. ...for when you don't know what to get someone

Candles make the perfect present option for most people. Pleasant smells, a warm glow, cosy vibes - what's not to love? For that reason, they're often a go-to gift when you're not sure what to get someone.

This funny candle from Fudding Good Candle Co. (£9.99) calls us all out on this. It would make the perfect present for anyone who is notoriously difficult to shop for! Each candle comes in an aluminium container, and is handpoured in the UK using pure soy wax. There are three unique and curated fragrances to choose from: Lychee & Peony, Lemongrass, or Neroli & Ylang Ylang.


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