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17 Natural + Non-toxic Alternatives to Yankee Candles

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Yankee Candles remain ever-popular among home fragrance lovers. However, with the inclusion of unnatural waxes, dyes and fragrances, the products could be releasing harmful chemicals when lit. Here, we've rounded up our favourite natural candle brands, that make great alternatives to the products from Yankee Candles...

What makes a candle natural?

It's important to check that candles are made using natural waxes and fragrances before you buy them. In general, opt for candles that are made using plant waxes such as soy, rapeseed or coconut wax, along with essential oils rather than synthetic perfumes. If any dyes are present, ensure they are plant-based.

These candles will burn more cleanly and produce less soot than candles made from paraffin wax and other toxic chemicals. If you're thinking of buying some Yankee Candles this holiday season, why not instead support a small business that makes cleaner-burning, non-toxic candles...

17 natural candle alternatives to Yankee Candles

From £20 /

We love the natural crackling candles from The Crackling Candle Company (£20). The candles are handmade in small batches in Worcestershire, using natural soy wax, luxurious seasonal fragrances, and a signature crackling wooden wick.

We love...Earl Grey and Cucumber, Lemon Curd, Sweet Fig and the slightly controversial Parma Violets scent. You'll also find some seasonal favourites, like Pumpkin Spice. Perfect for autumn!

From £20 /

Home County Candle Co. creates a range of candles and reed diffusers, each inspired by a different UK county. Why not give one as a housewarming gift to someone, to welcome them to a new county - or to remind them of fond memories in the previous home county!

These natural candles are made using pure soy, biodegradable soy wax and a wooden crackle wick. Each one is hand-poured in the UK. For an extra £3, you can get your candle gift wrapped in 100 per cent recyclable packaging, including brown paper and string.

From £26 /

Art House London's non-toxic candles are hand-poured in England using 100 per cent natural plant wax, along with a lead-free cotton wick for a clean, non-toxic burn. Plus, they are infused with either the finest pure essential oils, or premium fragrance oils that contain no harsh chemicals or colours.

We love... Pressed Limeleaf

Fragrance Notes: A vibrant, herbal scent featuring ginger and citrus lime leaves.

From £48 /

Each Essence + Alchemy candle (£48) features a unique scent, formulated with a complex blend of essential oils to naturally fragrance the home.

The candles are hand-poured into British made hand-blown glass with a sustainable and locally sourced natural rapeseed wax blend, pure essential oils, and wood-wicks that are handmade in the Essence + Alchemy lab using FSC certified wood.

This eco-friendly company also offers candle refills, so you can reuse your glass container again and again.

We love...the Wild Garden Candle

Fragrance notes: lush, green gardens, lemon scented geraniums and bitter orange trees.

£58 / Victoria Cator's non-toxic candles feature a special blend of wax to maximise exceptional olfactory and burning quality. Plus, they leave no wax residue and no black soot. We love...Chez Bagatelle

Fragrance Notes: Sunbaked Dates, Fig, Cedarwood, Vetivert.

From £44.99 /

Hampton and Astley's candles are handmade in England using a 100 per cent natural blend of beeswax, soy and rapeseed wax. Plus, a pure cotton wick is used for a complete non-toxic experience.

Fragrance Notes: Wild Fig, Orange Blossom and Cassis.

From £8.70 /

Made using natural soy wax, these non-toxic candles are environmentally friendly and also produce less soot than conventional candles.

We love...FRAGA

Fragrance notes: Sandalwood and Myrrh. We also think the grey stone container looks gorgeous!

From £18 /

Cutch (or "cwtch") translates to hug in Welsh. Each cutch candle is designed to be reminiscent of a hug with a loved one - be it a lover, a friend or yourself! Plus, all candles are made using natural soy wax and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Fragrance notes: Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Lemon, Rosemary, Lavender, Clary Sage, Neroli and Patchouli.

From £16.95 /

These therapeutic candles are made from a custom blend of sustainably sourced and non-GM natural waxes. Plus, they are fragranced with pure essentials oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance.

Fragrance Notes: Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin to soothe tension and promote calmness.

From £10 /

The Botanical Candle Co. creates hand-poured, non-toxic soy wax candles, which are delicately scented with essential oils.

We love... First Light

Fragrance notes: Menthol, Tea Tree, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Pepper and Bay

From £19.50 /

Grass & Co's 100 per cent natural aromatherapy candles are made using pure essential oils, soy wax, and cotton wick. In addition to this, the ingredients are also ethically sourced and eco-friendly!

Fragrance notes: Lemon, Rosemary and Chamomile

From £16 /

Neom Organics creates 100 per cent natural wax candles that contain the highest quality natural essential oils. Plus, they contain no synthetic fragrances or chemical binders, which means they burn cleanly and evenly with no black soot.

Fragrance notes: Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood. This candle also doubles as a skin treatment too, thanks to its deeply nourishing base of rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter! First, simply light the candle for 30 minutes, allowing the wax to liquefy and pool, then blow out before pouring. Next, drizzle the warm oils all over the body and massage deeply to intensively nourish and hydrate skin.

From £31 /

These non-toxic, paraffin-free candles are made with vegan and ethically-sourced ingredients from nature. Plus, Von Norten hand-pours the candles into plastic-free, recycled glass jars.

We love...Sea Breeze

Fragrance notes: A clean and refreshing scent, inspired by the smell of the ocean and fresh sea salt.

From £44 /

Each of these candles from Ashley & Co. is made to tell a story. They are individually hand-poured in New Zealand using 100% natural wax, plus an unbleached cotton wick.

Fragrance notes: Fig Leaves, Gardenia, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Neroli Flower

From £25 /

These luxury scented candles are made using natural soybean wax and rapeseed oil. Because of this, they are clean burning and eco-friendly!

Frangrance Notes: Lavender, Rose & Chamomile. Perfect for winding down in the evening!

From £27 /

Elm Rd handcrafts its non-toxic candles in small batches in the Kentish countryside, using rapeseed & soy wax plus pure essential oils.

Fragrance notes: Mandarin, Oud and Geranium

From £22 /

Arya Candles handcrafts its candles in small batches using 100 per cent natural ingredients, including creamy rapeseed wax, high-quality botanical oils, plus a cotton-wick.


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