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Mrs Hinch fans hail wax melt hack as a game-changer for candle-free homes

This week, Mrs Hinch fans have been obsessing over a brand new wax melt hack which is the perfect home fragrance solution for candle-free homes...

Many of us love lighting candles. Not only do they offer a wonderfully cosy ambiance, but they are also perfect for scenting the home.

However, for many people, introducing an open flame to the home can be an unnecessary risk they do not wish to take. Whether it's because of young children, energetic pets or landlord rules, more and more people are opting to have candle-free homes.

Candle-free homes don't have to be scent-free

While a candle-free home may be on the safer side, thanks to the lack of open flames, many people long for a safer home fragrance alternative. After all, nothing beats a beautifully scented home.

Some opt for flame-free reed diffusers or essential oil diffusers. However, many people have a soft spot for the humble wax melt.

Usually, a wax melt is placed on a wax burner, and an unscented tealight is placed beneath the wax to melt it and subsequently allow it to release its fragrance.

Because of this, wax melts have not been an option for candle-free homes...until now!

Candle-free wax melt hack...

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Tips and Tricks Facebook page, the community post read: "Handy tip - if you love the smell of wax melts but don’t like using candles or burners, pop a jar on your radiator with the wax melt in. As the radiator warms up, the wax melts and smells amazing.'

You can see the hack in action below:

The post, which has since racked up over 1.1k comments and 2.4k shares, has been hailed by many as 'genius'.

One excited commenter wrote: 'I used to have loads candles and burners until our little one got scalded by a cup of tea I came home from hospital and got rid of everything like that but have always missed the smell. Definitely trying this.'

Another person pointed out the several options you could use to hold the wax melts, commenting: 'And now I know what to do with those random Gui dessert jars we randomly keep for no good reason. This is the reason!'

Would you try out this candle-free wax melt hack?


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