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How to get candle wax out of a carpet

Learn how to get candle wax out of your carpet with these simple steps...

We've all been there: you've just extinguished your favourite candle, then you knock the container, spilling liquified wax all over your new carpet. Before you can even react, the wax has re-solidified and is completely stuck in the carpet.

Don't fret: we've outlined three different ways to get candle wax out of your carpet, without damaging it.

1. Let the wax completely dry

Trying to pick off soft wax is a recipe for disaster: rather than removing the wax from the carpet, you will likely end up pushing the wax deeper into the fibres. If the wax has any dye in, this could also lead to permanent staining.

Therefore, before any removal tactics, first allow the wax to entirely solidify.

2. Freeze the wax

To ensure the wax is truly solid before you attempt to remove it, it's a good idea to also freeze it. This can be done using an ice pack, a bag of ice cubes, a pack of frozen peas - or anything else frozen, for that matter!

Simply hold the ice pack or frozen peas against the spilt wax for a few minutes. If the wax is getting wet, try wrapping your ice pack in a tea towel or some kitchen roll.

3. Scrape as much wax off the carpet as possible

The next step is to carefully start scraping away the solid wax. It's best to use a blunt butter knife for this step, to avoid damaging the carpet.

As the wax is scraped, it should start to lift away, allowing you to pick it off the carpet. Be careful not to pull on the wax too hard, as you may pull carpet fibres out too!

4. Use an iron to remove any remaining wax from the carpet

Next, grab your iron and set it to a low heat. Don't make it too hot, as this may melt some of the fibres in your carpet.

Place a cotton bag or towel over the spilt wax, then gently run your iron over it. The wax beneath should start to get absorbed by the towel! Be sure to move the towel around rather than ironing the same spot: you might end up transferring the wax back onto the carpet!

Keep repeating this step until all of the wax has been removed.

5. Clean your carpet as usual to ensure all wax has been removed

After doing these steps and successfully removing the wax from your carpet, it's a good idea to give your carpet a good clean to ensure any wax remnants are removed.

Try using a carpet cleaning machine, or a carpet spray before hoovering as normal.

How to remove wax from a carpet without using an iron

Not a fan of the iron method? Not a problem! Here are some other methods you could try...

  • Spray carpet cleaner directly onto the wax stain, rub it in using a brush or spoon, then vacuum as usual.

  • Try using a carpet stain remover if the wax has transferred dye onto the carpet.

  • Instead of using an iron, try using a hairdryer. Place a towel over the stain (like in step 4), then use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to gently heat the area.


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