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Homemade Candles | 5 best candle making kits for beginners UK

Looking to make your own homemade candles, but not sure where to start? Read on to discover some of the best candle making kits...

Candle making, while fun and rewarding, takes a lot of time, effort and materials. For one simple candle, you'll need a wax base, fragrance oils, wicks, and containers - not to mention the optional extras, like dyes, dried flowers and crystals.

If you're opening a candle business, then it's definitely worth buying all of these materials in bulk. However, if you're just hoping to dip your toe in the water of the candle-making world, buying all of these raw ingredients can be costly and unnecessary.

Enter: candle making kits

Candle making kits include all of the raw ingredients you need in smaller quantities. Perfect for when you're only looking to make one or two candles as a bit of fun.

These kits are often created by small independent candle businesses owners, who hope to share the love of this traditional craft.

What to look for in a candle making kit

When buying a candle making kit, be sure to look out for the following things:

  • Ingredients: we recommend only buying kits that contain natural, non-toxic ingredients. Avoid paraffin wax, synthetic dyes and bleached wicks. Instead, opt for a plant wax (like soy, coconut or beeswax), along with essential oils and our cotton wicks.

  • Packaging: while many candle making kits are plastic-free, lots will come with unnecessary amounts of plastic packaging. When buying a candle making kit, look for one that comes wrapped in recyclable packaging. Also, look for ones that include a glass candle jar or aluminium tin!

  • Quantity: many candle kits contain enough ingredients to create one or two candles. However, some will allow you to create dozens! Make sure your candle making kit is fit for purpose, by checking the quantities before you click buy.

5 best candle making kits - time to create your own homemade candles!

Designed by Lucy Heale, the founder of The London Refinery, this ultimate candle making kit (£29) will guide you through how to make two individual natural soy wax candles at home, using the exact same materials and methods used to create The London Refinery's candles.

The kit includes a candle fragrance blend made from pure essential oils, natural soy wax, amber glassware, an eco-friendly cotton wick, wick glue sticker, main candle label, safety sticker, wick peg, whisk, and wax thermometer. All of this comes delivered in a plastic-free and fully recyclable box!

You'll also recieve step-by-step instructions, safety information, a photographic guide, and access to a step-by-step instruction video. The perfect gift for a beginner candle maker or someone who wants to start making candles at home for gifts for friends or for themselves!

The London Refinery also sells individual candle making materials, like the wax, wicks, and fragrance blends, alongside candle making tools.

Cosy Owl stocks a wide range of craft supplies, including bulk materials and ingredients for candle makers. If you're looking to try candle making on a smaller scale, Cosy Owl also creates a range of candle making kits, which are perfect for beginners.

We love the Peony Petals candle making kit (£18.44), which provides you with everything you need to create up to 5 candles with a pretty peony scent and a beautiful light rose pink colour.

Each kit includes natural soy wax, peony fragrance oil (with notes of pink sugar, red currant, pomegranate, peach, peony, ambergris, tonka bean, pink geranium, vanilla bean, musk and amber), rose pink wax dye, 5 candle wicks, 5 glass containers and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and of the highest possible quality.

Handmade and designed by an aromatherapist, these aromatherapy candle making kits are available in four different sizes, depending on how many candles you're hoping to create. Each kit contains candle tins, high quality soy wax, cotton wicks, glue dots, safety stickers, a reusable wooden wick prop, and your choice of essential oils to fragrance.

There are lots of aromatherapy blends to choose from, including Lavender & Lime, Rosemary & Peppermint, Rose Geranium & Lime, Orange & Neroli, Neroli & Lemon or Orange & Clove bud (this last one would be a great choice for Christmas!).

You can also add some sparkle to your candle making kit with optional rose gold flakes and pink Himalayan rock salts!

Get creative with the gorgeous candle making kits from TeePee Crafts (from £17). Alongside detailed instructions, your kit will contain 1 or 2 candle containers (depending on the style chosen), high quality soy wax, an essential oil blend of your choice, wicks, wick adhesive, a wick centering device and safety stickers.

You can truly customise your candles, by choosing a container style and fragrance blend. For the container, you can choose from gold tins, amber jars, or white glasses. For the scents, choose from Wild Mint, Lavender Spa, Green Tea, Teakwood, Seychelles, English Pear & Freesia, or Sea Salt & Wood Sage.

Fancy making something a little bit different? The Rolled Beeswax Candle Kit from Candle By Events (£25) includes everything you need to create your own bright and beautiful beeswax candles!

Each kit includes everything you need to make at least 5 candles. You'll receive beeswax sheets in a variety of shapes along with wicks, a flower cutter, a wooden stick, a shape template sheet, step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial.

This candle making kit will allow you get to truly creative with your designs, and the resulting candles are guaranteed to brighten up any room!


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