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5 best romantic rose scented candles for floral fragrance lovers

Time to stop and smell the roses! Did you know, rose is considered to be one of the founding fragrances in perfumery, along with jasmine? Discover the history of this floral fragrance, alongside the best non-toxic rose scented candles available on the market...

Is rose a popular scent nowadays?

Despite rose's identity as a founding fragrance in perfumery, this scent is often less appreciated today. By many people, it is seen as an old-fashioned or outdated aroma, which is rarely reached for by younger consumers.

However, what many people don't realise is how often rose features in perfumes and home fragrancing products. According to the Perfume Society, roses are said to feature in at least 75% of modern feminine fragrances, and at least 10% of all men’s perfumes. Sounds to us like rose has maintained it's reputation as a founding fragrance!

While some purely rose-scented products are still available, lots of modern candles and perfumes often combine rose with other complimentary scents, to bring out different notes offered by the flower. For example, you might see rose paired with another flower, for a sweet candle, or alternatively with musky wood scents, to bring out the deeper notes within the rose.

What is the history of the rose? Why is it associated with love?

According to Creed Fragrances, there are countless myths surrounding the rose and its history - the most famous often regarding love.

For example, the flower has been linked to Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. Plus, when Cleopatra welcomed Mark Antony to her boudoir, her bed was strewn with rose petals. The flower was also frequently recorded in 'love potion' recipes throughout history.

The Romans were also obsessed with roses. Rose petals were frequently stuffed in pillowcases, rosewater flowed through fountains, and rose garlands were a symbol of status.

It appears that the history of the rose, along with these romanticised myths, have continued to influence consumers into present day, where rose-scented products are frequently marketed as romantic - and the flower itself becomes inescapable on Valentine's Day!

How is rose essential oil extracted for perfume?

Unlike many essential oils, rose can be a bit tricky to extract. Apparently, it takes around 242,000 individual rose petals (or 8000 rose flowers) to produce one 5 ml bottle of rose oil. This is the equivalent to 42 pounds of rose petals!

If you're looking for a rose scented candle for a floral fragrance lover, read on to discover 5 of the best...

5 best rose-scented candles

Fill a room with luxurious fragrance with the Briar Rose Candle from The English Soap Company (£9.95). Made from pure soy wax, this single wick candle has a burn time of approximately 35 hours.

This Briar Rose candle has a beautiful traditional scent with dewy fresh top notes, leading to a bouquet of pink roses laced with warm spices. The soy wax burns clean and evenly throughout to create a long lasting aroma.

With notes of alba rose and elderflower, geranium and blackcurrant buds, the Rosenhave (meaning 'Rose Garden') Candle by Skandinavisk (£18) takes its inspiration from Nordic rose gardens.

The vegan-friendly candle is made with clean-burning rapeseed wax and a cotton wick. We love the look of the soft, rosy pink container!

The Cinderose Candle by Boy Smells (£36) combines the elegant floral notes of rose and tuberose, alongside woody oakmoss and cedar, overlayed with smoky depth.

This one would be a perfect choice for any candle lover who prefers deeper, muskier scents, as opposed to sweet, floral aromas.

The Roses Candle from Dipty Que Paris (from £49) is the height of home fragrance luxury. Hand-poured in the heart of Paris, this candle is bursting with the aroma of fresh roses - the ultimate candle for rose-lovers!

Each candle from Dipty Que Paris is available in a range of different sizes, including an extra-large size which comes in a beautiful soft pink container. It would make a gorgeous statement piece in any home!

The Rose candle from Harry & the Bees (£6) is handmade using organic beeswax and pure rose essential oil, for a natural candle with a beautifully soft aroma.

Each candle from this small candle business is finished off with a wooden wick, which makes a cosy crackling noise when burnt. The candle's surface is then decorated with dried roses. At only £6, these affordable (yet beautiful!) candles would make a perfect stocking fuller this Christmas.


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