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5 best pet-friendly candles: keep your dogs and cats safe!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Keep your furry friends safe with these natural candles, which are specially designed to be pet-friendly...

Did you know, some candles are dangerous for our furry friends? Certain waxes, such as paraffin wax, release toxic fumes into the air which, when inhaled, can cause allergies and respiratory issues in animals. Certain essential oils are also toxic to animals.

Which essential oils are toxic to cats and dogs?

Alongside the choice of wax, certain essential oils are harmful or toxic to animals, such as ylang ylang, cinnamon and peppermint essential oils. In severe cases, essential oil poisoning can be fatal. Click here to see a full list of harmful essential oils, and to read more about essential oil poisoning in cats and dogs.

5 of the best pet-friendly candle companies

cat with candle pet friendly candles from happy paws co

Happy Paws Candle Co. creates a range of luxury, hand poured, pet-friendly candles and wax melts (£15). The cat & dog friendly candles are 100 per cent natural, paraffin free, non-toxic and clean burning. All materials, from product to packaging, are sustainable and locally sourced in the UK.

This pet-friendly candle company was born after the founder's cat started having breathing difficulties. The vet explained the problem was asthma, and how candles could be a trigger due to paraffin, toxins and chemicals. The founder decided to stop buying candles and instead look into making a safe alternative.

Check out Happy Paws Candle Co. on Instagram at @happypawsco.

dog with candle the pet friendly candle co

The Pet Friendly Candle Co. creates a wide range of natural candles and reed diffusers (from £14) which will be loved by you and your pets!

The company was created after the founders discovered that the burning of candles could make animals unwell. These same toxic candles were not doing us humans any good either. The Pet Friendly Candle Co. went on a mission to find a blend of ingredients that significantly lowers the risk of seizures and breathing issues in both pets and humans.

As part of the company's commitment to the welfare of pets, it also donates money to local rescue organisations to support the health and well being of rescue animals.

Check out The Pet Friendly Candle Co. on Instagram at @petfriendlycandles.

Paws and Co. Candles creates a range of pet-friendly candles (£15.99) which are hand-poured in the UK. The brand only uses sustainable and renewable natural materials, including pure essential oils plus a coconut and rapeseed wax blend.

Paws and Co. Candles is dedicated to educating candle lovers on the dangers that some products can cause to both human & pet health. The brand's mission is to produce clean burning candles, which come in fully recyclable packaging, to benefit you, your pets, and the planet.

Check out Paws and Co. Candles on Instagram at @pawsandcocandles.

natural pet product company thaxted pet co

Thaxted Pet Co. has been offering specialist pet care services and natural and sustainable pet products since 2015. Recently, the company started making its own pet-friendly soy wax candles (£11.99). Each candle is hand-poured in small batches and lasts for up to 40 hours of burn time.

The candle materials are sourced from a natural supplier in the UK. Containing pure soy wax and essential oils, these candles are 100 per cent natural, completely vegan and safe to use around pets. In fact, all products from this eco-friendly pet company are sustainably sourced, made in the UK, free from palm-oil, and not tested on animals!

Check out Thaxted Pet Co. on Instagram at @thaxtedpetco.

natural sustainable pet friendly candles from pet scents

Pet Scents is a new company with great eco-credentials that creates pet-friendly candles (from £14.99). Each candle is handmade in the UK using a natural wax blend, consisting of coconut, soy, bees and rapeseed wax, along with pure cotton wicks. The sustainable candles are also 100 per cent plastic-free, packaged instead in aluminium tins, glass and recyclable gift boxes.

Pet Scents was created by a small team that have all been part of the pet industry for many years. As pet owners themselves, each team member is passionate about products designed with pets and the environment in mind.

Check out Pet Scents on Instagram at @petscents.

Do any other candle brands make pet-friendly candles?

While the brands listed here make candles that are specifically pet friendly, lots of other brands also make candles that pet-friendly are safe for pets. When looking for a pet-friendly candle, look for ones made with natural waxes (like soy, bees, coconut, or rapeseed wax), and avoid any essential oils which are toxic to animals.


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