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Light up: 8 best luxury candle matches 2021

Gone are the days of settling for empty lighters or freebie matches that refuse to light. Add a fancy touch to your candle routine with these beautifully designed luxury candle matches. A perfect gift for any candle lover!

Oakdene Designs creates a range of personalised matchboxes. We love the reusable Large Wooden Matchboxes (from £19), which are available in a range of vintage and Art Deco designs.

Each wooden matchbox can also be personalised with a chosen name, making this a perfect gift! When your matches run out, you can easily reuse the matchbox again and again, making this a great option for any sustainable home.

Follow Oakdene Designs on Instagram at @oakdenedesigns.

Polkra’s 'Collective Noun' Animal Matchboxes (from £10) feature a set of animals illustrated by Fee Greening (@feegreening), a London based illustrator specialising in dip pen and ink. We love the look of the square box!

The matchboxes are filled with long, white-tipped, luxury candle matches. Each adorable matchbox design is letterpressed in the UK. Choose from foxes, octopi, hippos, owls or zebras. If you can't choose, why not get the full set for £45?

Follow Polkra on Instagram at @polkra.

Moments of Sense and Style’s Luxury ‘Choose Light’ Matches (£9) are packaged in a paper box which is embellished with the brand’s ethos 'choose light.' We love the positive message behind these luxury matches!

Each box is filled with white-tipped, luxury candle matches, which are carefully handmade in India. The lettering on the matchbox is carefully finished in intricate and luxurious gold.

Follow Moments of Sense and Style on Instagram at @momentsofsenseandstyle.

Archivist Gallery creates Luxury Letterpress Matchboxes (from £7.20), which are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Plus, the brand’s sustainable products are all 100 per cent plastic free!

The company also creates a range of candle matches in jars - including festive ones, which are perfect for Christmas gifting.

Follow Archivist Gallery on Instagram at @archivistgallery.

The Rhubarb Candle Company’s Extra Long Luxury Matches (£11.95) are packaged in a long paper box, which features an intricate library design. These would look super stylish on a bookshelf!

Each box is filled with extra-long white-tipped matches. These safety matches are ideal for lighting a tall candle that is reaching the end of its life.

Follow The Rhubarb Candle Company on Instagram at @therhubarbcandlecompany.

Chateau Bo’s Luxury Colour Mix Matches (£7.50, will add a rainbow to your home! The brand also sells refill packs, so you can reuse your glass bottle again and again.

We can't wait to use these bright and cheery luxury matches throughout winter - a great way to brighten up those cold, grey evenings! Chateau Bo creates matches in a range of other colours too, including super-sleek, all-black matches.

Follow Chateau Bo on Instagram at @chateaubo_.

We love the range of luxury matches from Nikola Candela (from £3.99). Choose from a tall glass bottle, a small cork-top glass container, or a paper box. Each design oozes style and sophistication, thanks to the sleek black match colour and signature bumblebee logo.

Willow & Stone creates a range of different luxury candle matches. We love the 'Graphic Collection' (£6.95). The white-tipped matches are housed in a paper box, which features one of three beautiful graphic designs. Each matchbox is finished off with intricate gold details.


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