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Best Christmas window candles to decorate your home for the holidays

Adding candles to your front window adds a cosy, traditional, festive touch to any home. We've rounded up our favourite candle decorations to help you decorate your window this Christmas...

Why do people put candles in their windows at Christmas?

Historically, humans have placed lit candles in their windows for a variety of different reasons, from remembering a lost loved one to welcoming travellers from afar. At Christmas, the tradition is believed to stem from colonial times.

According to Sash Windows: 'The tradition grew from the Irish whose faith was outlawed by British priests attempting to repress the Irish Catholics, preventing them from practising their faith.

'As a result, the priests went underground, travelling and worshipping in secret. Irish Catholics began lighting candles in their windows and leaving their doors unlocked at Christmas as a sign it was safe for a priest to visit under the cover of darkness.'

For others, the act of leaving a candle in the window at Christmas is to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem, which safely guided the Magi to Baby Jesus.

5 best candle decorations for your window this Christmas

Whatever the meaning, it is clear that leaving a candle in the window has become a symbolic tradition at Christmas time. However, leaving a flame near curtains is a pretty risky idea: decorate your Christmas window and celebrate traditions - while staying safe! - with these LED candle decorations...

This beautifully crafted festive candle bridge will look perfect on your window sill to create a wonderfully festive atmosphere. This LED candle is a safe alternative to the traditional Christmas candle bridges, which still packs a festive punch.

Made from FSC certified wood, the arch features festive carvings such as Father Christmas in his sleigh, reindeers, Christmas trees, stars and a church. 2 of the 9 LED lights are placed within the carvings to create festive silhouettes. This adorable decoration is sure to be loved by the whole family!

It's also battery-powered, meaning you don't have to worry about finding the nearest plug socket. Trailing wires certainly don't say 'traditional Christmas candles'...

Make a statement with the Golden LED Candle Arch from Coopers of Stortford! Shining its enchanting welcome at your window, this golden light display features 33 glistening columns, which are graduated in two rows for a beckoning 3D sparkle.

Each column features a battery-powered LED light, creating a glistening Christmas display. If you're not a fan of the gold, this LED Christmas candle decoration is also available in silver.

Get that truly traditional look with this Pine Candle Bridge from Studio. The wooden bridge features 7 realistic flickering LED lights, perfectly imitating the gentle flicker of a candle.

Perfect to display on your window sill or mantelpiece this Christmas, each candle is also sat upon a small ring of green and golden foliage. We absolutely love this traditional look! This one is mains operated though, so make sure you've got a plug socket nearby!

Prefer more modern, minimalistic decor? Try adding this Rose Gold coloured Candlebridge light to your window this Christmas for a simple, yet highly elegant look.

This battery-operated decoration features 9 warm white LEDs, that complement the rose gold candles. It is on the smaller side at 25cm wide, so it's ideal for smaller windowsills, mantlepieces or tables.

These LED taper candles from The Glow Company can be used as regular dinner candles, however, we think they're perfect for placing in the window at Christmas!

Designed by Lightstyle London, the body of the LED candles is made from real wax, to provide a high quality and realistic finish. This realism is also achieved by the flickering effect of the lights, which imitate a real flame.

Bought in pairs, these LED candles are available in a range of shades, including classic cream ivory, contemporary grey, beautiful rustic sage green, and bold and vibrant bright red.

It doesn't stop there: the candles are also controlled via a remote control, which you can use to turn them on and off, select between flickering or static flame, dim or brighten the static flame, and also operate the optional timers for four hours on, twenty off, or six hours on, eighteen hours off.

The timers give you freedom from having to remember to switch them on and off, they also make a handy security benefit, making your home look like your home has someone in it lighting candles every night!


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