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5 of the best insect-repelling citronella candles

Summer is great, but a chilled summer evening can quickly turn bothersome when the mosquitoes arrive for their supper. Keep the bugs at bay with these natural, outdoor, insect-repelling citronella candles…

citronella candles insect-repelling outdoor candles

These insect-repelling outdoor candles from Gold Moon Studios are made using pure citronella oil and renewable soy wax (click here to discover why soy wax is better for your health and the environment!). We love the unique, handmade-to-order containers: you can even customise them with your favourite colour!

Check out Gold Moon Studios on Instagram at: @goldmoonstudios.

citronella candles insect-repelling outdoor candles

We love these hand-poured beeswax candles from Amber Bee Candles, which naturally repel bothersome bugs thanks to the inclusion of citronella oil. Each candle one is housed in a terracotta plant pot, which can be reused in your garden once the candle has finished burning - zero-waste insect-repelling!

Check out Amber Bee Candles on Instagram at: @amberbeecandles1.

citronella candles insect-repelling outdoor candles

These stylish insect-repelling candles from Sava Aromas are all handpoured in Ireland. We love the rattan wood design, which is super trendy right now: it would look perfect at a garden party or BBQ. Each candle is made with eco-friendly soy wax plus bug-repelling citronella oil. Stylish, and practical!

Check out Sava Aromas on Instagram at: @savaholistics.

large citronella candles

The mosquitos won't know what hit them when you unleash this HUGE soy wax candle from And the Little Things! With a whopping 7 wicks, this stylish candle is infused with citronella oil to keep bugs at bay. Thanks to its size and design, it would make the perfect statement centrepiece for your garden party! Plus, the container would make a great display dish or serving plate once the candle has finished burning.

Please note: And the Little Things is currently working on a new website, which is coming soon! In the meantime, check out the Instagram page at: @andthelittlethingshome.

candles surrounded by lemon peel citronella candle

Handmade in Wiltshire, these insect-repelling candles from The Country Candle Company are made using soy wax and citronella oil to effectively repel insects. These candles are also great if you're not a big fan of citronella's scent, as they are available in 6 different scents, including Fresh Cut Herbs and Pink Grapefruit!

Check out The Country Candle Company on Instagram at: @the_country_candle.


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