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5 best masculine candles: because candles are for men too!

Gone are the days when candles were solely marketed for women: today, there are a myriad of scents available, specifically targeted towards a male audience. Here's our pick of the best...

As always, all candles listed are made using natural plant waxes!

Why are scents gendered?

We should probably start off by saying that scents having genders is rather outdated today: of course, any scent can be enjoyed by any person - regardless of gender.

However, over the years, certain scents have unsurprisingly been more heavily associated with different genders, largely based on the connotations they conjure, and how these align with gendered societal expectations.

As The Face so succinctly puts it: 'Perfume has been categorised as masculine or feminine ever since its creation as a commercial product. Scents are assigned a gender based solely on the aroma chemicals that make up the juice: florals are feminine and musks are masculine. Corpse is feminine, apparently; sweat is masculine.'

What are the top 'masculine' fragrance notes in candles?

So, as we've established, scent is a subjective experience, and many people will interpret different aromas in different ways. We don't necessarily agree with scents being heavily gendered - however, it is interesting to examine which scents are perceived as 'masculine', compared with the more feminine aromas.

According to the experts, these are some of the top 'masculine' fragrance notes:

  • Leather

  • Wood (teakwood, driftwood, mahogany)

  • Tobacco

  • Sandalwood

  • Oakmoss

  • Citrus

  • Smoke

  • Diesel/petrol

  • Whiskey

Going by this list, we've rounded up some of the best scented candles for men available on the market. Of course, these candles are not strictly for men and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender.

However, if a man in your life is a fan of some of the traditionally 'masculine' scents listed above - like leather, teakwood or whiskey- then they might like the smell of some of these 'manly' candles...

5 of the best masculine scented candles for men - or anyone!

The Teakwood & Tobacco Candle by P.F. Candle Co features a sweet and musky aroma thanks to the balanced combination of tobacco, leather, patchouli and teak.

There's also a warm base of pepper, sandalwood and a hint of orange to perfectly finish off the scent. The result is refined and sexy, without being overpowering.

We love The Joshua Tree Candle by Norden Goods. This masculine candle features a complex blend of dry, woody hinoki, resinous juniper, eucalyptus, and extracts from herbal desert plantlife.

This candle is made using a coconut and apricot wax blend. We've featured many candle waxes on this blog, but this has to be a first for apricot wax!

This luxury candle was born out of a collaboration between Jo Malone and Huntsman, the bespoke Saville Row tailor. The candle's strong, masculine aroma is inspired by a deep whisky nightcap.

The boozy blend also features warm cedarwood along with spicy pimento. The result: a rich, warming scent that is perfect for unwinding before bed.

The clue's in the name with this one. The 'Mandle' is a 100 per cent soy wax candle curated, mixed and poured specially for the 'modern man' - because, as the tagline reads: candles aren't just for girls.

Housed in a modern black glass container (which would add a sleek touch to any man cave), the candle features a rich, smoky aroma, with top notes of aromatic vintage cologne and dark musks, middle notes of spices and tobacco, plus base notes of oak ebony and incense.

D.S. & Durga '85 Diesel Scented Candle

The ’85 Diesel Candle by D.S. & DURGA features an elegant, smokey and sensual aroma, reminscent of leather seats entwined with damp earth and diesel smoke.

The masculine-dominated fragrance notes include suede, leather, smoke, earth and vinyl, along with a lighter sprinkling of feminine violets and saffron.


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