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5 Best Cocktail Candles: Enjoy your favourite beverage without the hangover!

Love fruity cocktails, pints of beer, and glasses of wine, but hate the hangover? We've got the perfect solution for you: take a look at these fabulous cocktail candles, all inspired by a different alcoholic beverage! Whether you're a wine lover or more a martini person, we've got you covered...

Get a hit of caffeine with this Espresso Martini Cocktail Candle

cocktail candle espresso martini

The Wax Cocktail Co. Espresso Martini Cocktail Soy Wax Candle (£8.50) combines the invigorating scent of espresso coffee blended with the alcoholic notes of vodka, rum, caramel, vanilla and coffee liqueur. This candle is a must-have for all coffee lovers and cocktail lovers alike!

The Wax Cocktail Candle Co. creates a range of different candles inspired by cocktails, including Mojito and Gin & Tonic! Each boozy candle will leave you craving a fancy cocktail night with your friends. No need to get all dressed up to enjoy these cocktails though!

Check out The Wax Cocktail Co. on Instagram at @thewaxcocktailco.

These boozy cocktail candles are the ultimate gift for gin-lovers!

cocktail candle gin tonic

Tipsy House Specialist Gin Candles (from £18.99) are inspired by different popular brands and flavours of gin. The collection of classy candles includes well-known beverages, including Gordon’s Pink Gin and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Each of these candles perfectly combines the aromatic scent of the botanical ingredients with a crisp undertone of freshly-poured gin. Plus, the gin bottle-inspired candle containers would look great at any party!

Check out Tipsy House on Instagram at

Must-have boozy candle for any candle lover

beer scented candle

The Unusual Gift Company Beer Scented Candles (£14.99) will have any pub-goer frothing at the mouth. The candle is available in 3 different beer-inspired scents. So, whether you prefer lager, ale or stout, there is a candle for you.

Each soy wax candle boasts a 60 hour burn time and comes in its own beer glass, which can be reused again and again for the real thing! Click here to see our guide on cleaning leftover wax out of candle jars.

Check out The Unusual Gift Company on Instagram at @unusualgiftco.

The luxury candles in vintage champagne bottles!

champagne alcohol cocktail candle

Green Wicks Champagne Bottle Candles (from £15) take upcycling to a whole new level. Each soy wax candle is hand-poured in a beautiful vintage champagne bottle. These luxury home decorations are sure to make a statement!

All of Green Wicks' candles are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and hand-crafted using soy wax and vegan oils. The company also creates cocktail-inspired candles and beautiful vases made from upcycled bottles. Why not repurpose your upcycled candle container after the candle has finished burning? Click here for some inspiration!

Check out Green Wicks on Instagram at @greenwicks1.

Try these bright and colourful cocktail candles for summer

fruity summer cocktail candle

Has the sunshine got you craving tropical cocktails? Check out these summery Cocktail Candles from Luckies of London (£16.95). Each soy wax candle comes in its own cool frosted glass, coloured to fit its flavour profile. They are then finished with a cotton wick and cardboard box, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Choose from Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, or Cosmopolitan. These would be perfect for any summer parties or get-togethers!

Check out Luckies of London on Instagram at @luckiesoflondon.


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