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10 Ways to Upcycle your Empty Candle Jars

If you are a candle lover like we are, we’re sure you will have lots of old candles lying around. Instead of throwing them out, here are 10 ways to upcycle empty candle jars and give them a new life. Upcycling is a great way to get creative, cut down your waste, and improve your storage solutions...

Before you can upcycle your empty candle jar, you'll need to properly clean it out. Click here to read our blog post on how to remove leftover wax from a candle!

1. Upcycle your candle jars into tealight holders

Why not continue to use your candle jar for its primary purpose: to hold a candle! Simply clean out the jar, and pop a small tealight in there. Alternatively, why not add some fairy lights to a clean candle jar, to create a magical decoration for the home. These are perfect for creating a cosy environment, alongside your lit candles!

2. Store your makeup brushes

Make up brushes can get covered in dust or even misshaped when kept loose in a drawer or makeup bag. Why not display them in an old candle jar instead! Lots of candle jars are super stylish and look perfect on a dressing table.

3. Upcycle empty candle jars into plant pots

Houseplants are super trendy right now: why not make them even more quirky by using a one-of-a-kind plant pot! It’s best to keep the plant in an inner pot with drainage holes before placing it into the old candle jar.

4. Turn candle tins into handy trinkets

Do you struggle to find bobby pins, paperclips, safety pins, and other small, easy-to-lose objects? Small candle tins are perfect for keeping small bits and bobs organised! Lots of tins can be easily stacked on top of one another, or stored away in a drawer.

5. Display your flowers in an upcycled candle jar

We’ve seen plenty of tall candles which would make perfect vases! Just like vases, candle jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

6. Use old candle jars to store food

Rather than buying new plastic Tupperware boxes, why not reuse your candle jars to store food? Make sure the jar is thoroughly clean and free from wax or debris, then add labels and store your chosen items. We think this looks great on spice racks!

7. Improve your bathroom storage

We love this one – it takes the traditional idea of a toothbrush holder, and turns it into a stylish, quirky addition to any bathroom! Simply clean out the container and pop your toothbrush and toothpaste in.

8. Upcycle an empty candle jar into a drinking glass

Taller candle jars can be upcycled into beautiful, unique drinking glasses! Make sure the jar is thoroughly cleaned out before use.

9. Organise your workspace with upcycled empty candle jars

candle pots with pencils and stationary upcycle old candles
Organise your desk with old candle jars (Photo via The Candle Lab)

Do you struggle to find a pen when sitting at your desk? You can easily improve your desk’s organisation (and style!) with some old candle jars. Taller jars can be used to hold pens and pencils, while shallower ones are great for holding rubbers and sharpeners!

10. Make a display dish from an old candle

Have you got a beautiful, shallow candle container? Try upcycling it into a display dish for your favourite earrings, rings or even potpourri!

Let us know if you try any of these ideas out – tag us in your photos on Instagram @thecandleconnoisseur_uk!


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