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10 Unusual and Unique Decorative Candles

1. We doughnut think we could love these candles more

loop candle circle shape decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

The Lloupe candle from Lluceatt (£10) features a striking loop shape. Each one is handmade using unscented soy wax and a lead free cotton wick. They are also available in a range of colours!

2. Decorative candles in full bloom

tulip flower shaped candles decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

The Tulip Candles from Chiltern Botanicals (£26.50) are inspired by spring tulips in full bloom. Each candle is handmade using slow-burning rapeseed wax, and is available in 3 different scents and 24 different colours including neutrals, blues, greens, and pinks and yellows. Plus, £1 from each sale goes to charities!

3. She sells sea shell candles

shell shaped candles decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

The Elena White Vegan Soy Shell Candle from Ajouter (£19.99) is the perfect addition to any nautical themed room. Ajouter candles are all hand poured using vegan-friendly, natural soy wax.

4. Art deco inspired decorative candles

fan shaped art deco candles decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

This Palm Spear Soy Wax Decorative Candle from Wicked Candles Co. (£25) is inspired by Art Deco architectural style. Each candle is handmade using natural, unscented soy wax. We love the range of colours on offer!

5. Light up the room with lantern-shaped candles

lantern shaped candles in three different colours decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

We love these Lantern candles from Hove Candles (from £11.99). Each candle is made using vegan-friendly, natural soy wax. They are available in a range of sizes, scents and colours.

6. Innovative design meets rustic style

rustic metal stand with long coiled candle decorative candles structural sculptural architechtural

This unique decorative candle from Candle by the Hour (£73.10) is available in a range of colours and designs. The long, coiled, beeswax candle boasts an impressive 80 hour burn time, and is housed in a rustic-style copper tone stand. The design is both stylish and safe, as the candle self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip. Plus, you can also purchase refill candles for your metal stand!

7. These decorative candles could KNOT be cuter

knot shaped candle grey and black soy wax design

These knot shaped candles from JADU Home (£6) are available in a wide range of scents, colours, and styles. Each one is handmade with vegan-friendly soy wax. We think they would look perfect in a nautical themed bathroom!

8. Shape up with these geometric candles

geometric colourful candles decorative architechtural

These geometric candles from Interlude Candles (£35 for 4) come in a variety of unique shapes and colours. Handmade with soy wax, these decorative candles would add a quirky touch to any room in the home. Interlude Candles creates a wide range of decorative and sculptural candles – there is something to suit everyone’s taste!

9. Floral shaped decorative candles with a zesty punch

cute flower shaped candles decorative soy wax candles

These sweet lotus-shaped candles from Monlix Candles (£16) are hand poured using high-quality soy wax and pure fragrance oils. Each delicate candle is scented with zesty lime and mango for a fresh, tropical fragrance. Not a fan of the white? You can choose red or pink lotus flowers instead – or, why not try a rose-shaped candle? We think these candles would be the perfect table decorations for a summer wedding!

10. Hand carved decorative candles that make a statement

hand carved decorative candle with flowers and ladybirds

These eye-catching decorative candles from We Sell Dream (£24.75) are hand-carved, meaning no two candles are exactly alike. The intricacy of the beautiful design is awe-inspiring – these candles really are too beautiful to burn! Just as well too, as these candles are made using paraffin wax. We don’t usually share candles made using mineral waxes, but these hand-carved works of art are too beautiful. Click here to find out why you should avoid burning paraffin wax candles.

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